Human beings are the targets of development. They are both producers and consumers of the fruits of development. Therefore human numbers, their age and sex composition, their spatial distribution and other characteristics must have a centre stage in all development planning activities.

Population Size

The 2004 population and housing census put the entire population of the district at 259,617. The table below shows the population profile for the district, region and Sierra Leone.

Population Profile

  • Sierra Leone: 4,963,298
  • Southern Region: 1,106,602
  • Moyamba District: 259,617

Though Moyamba district is the largest district in the Southern Region, its total population of 259,617 ranks second among the four districts in the region. The lower population could be attributed to the fact that the district lays equidistance between Freetown the capital, and Bo the second capital. This result may have negative impact on development projects like education, health, housing and others, creating less demand on the social overhead capital of the District Council.

Population Density

The district has a low population density when compared with the regional and national averages. Moyamba district has an average of about 38 persons per square k m. The low population density in the Moyamba district is attributed to its proximity to Freetown metropolis and Bo the second capital as many people migrate from the district. This has consequently, created a drop in the population.

Population Control Measure (Family Planning)

A greater proportion of both rural and urban settlements are aware of family planning but only a few of them are really practicing it. Some of the reasons given by respondents for not practicing family planning include the following:

  • Old Age/Menopause
  • Single Marital Status
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Lack of interest
  • Afraid of side effect
  • Disbelief in the practice
  • Love to give birth to many children

Household Size

The 2004 population and housing census show that the average household size in the district is 5.7. However, there are variations in the household size distribution in the district, ranging between 4 and 12 persons per household.


The ethnicity of the district largely is homogeneous with the Mende forming 60% of the population. The other ethnic groups comprise Sherbro, Temne and Loko.

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