Mineral Resources

A mineral is any naturally occurring inorganic substance, often additionally characterized by an exact crystal structure. Its chemical structure can be exact or can vary within limits. Elements that occur naturally are also considered minerals. In Sierra Leone, the various types of minerals include Diamond, Rutile, Bauxite and Iron Ore.

Rutile and Bauxite Mining

Moyamba District Council hosts the Rutile and Bauxite Mines. These mines have been reactivated and full scale mining is in progress. The two mining companies employ a greater proportion of the labor force in the District and therefore serve as one of the most important mining projects in the district. . Recently Zircon and Gold have been discovered in Kargboro and Bagruwa Chiefdom respectively. All of these mines have positively affected the economy of the district in terms of revenue mobilization.

Problems in the Mining Sector

  • Exploitation of land
  • Depletion of nutrients in the soil
  • Land ownership agreement not reviewed by Mining companies
  • Pollution of river water meant for drinking

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