Local Economic Development (LED)

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Local Economic Development Project

The Local Economic Development Project which is funded by United Nation Development Program is now introduced and implemented in sequence of steps with different emphasis depending on the major economic activities selected in the district.

Based on that, it clearly emerged during the Focus Group Discussion, that the construction of a periodic market with stores and WATSAN facilities at Sembehun in Bagruwa Chiefdom – Moyamba District Council, the construction of a resource center and the procurement of ten computers and accessories with internet facilities for the Resource and Community Center at Moyamba is undertaking. Other areas that were mentioned for intervention includes:

  • Establishment of a Cattle Ranch
  • Rearing of Cattle
  • Establishment of Poultry
  • Production of Vegetables
  • Procurement of Processing Machines for Cassava and Coconut Oil.
  • Rehabilitation of Roads
  • Construction of Periodic Market with stores
  • Procurement of Mechanical Machines
  • Rehabilitation of Jetty at Gbangbatoke and Sembehun.
  • Construction and Equipment of District Mortuary
  • Construction of Training Complex and Accommodation for State Enrolled and Community Health Nurses
  • Procurement and Installation of Solar Panel Systems and intercom facilities in the Office
  • Construction of staff Quarters
  • Procurement of Computers and other Office Accessories
  • Survey and Installation of Cadastral Systems in Moyamba District Council to Improve on its Revenue generation
  • Procurement of motorbikes for Revenue Collections, monitoring and Supervision of Implemented Projects
  • Construction and equipment’s of a Day Care Center
  • Construction of a skills training center for adult women
  • Procurement of vehicles for transporting Agricultural Produce.
  • Procurement of Trucks for transporting sands and stones. Procurement of Fuel Tanker.
  • Procurement of Hydraulic Compressor for Stone mining
  • Procurement of life boat kits
  • Land reclamation of mined out areas for Agricultural activities and improved environmental condition..
  • Procurement of Fire Outbreak kits and extinguishers.
  • Sensitization of Communities
  • Support to Fire Victims

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