Transport Sector

Land, air, water are the usual means of transport in Sierra Leone. In the Moyamba District Council, land (road) transportation is the main, with river transportation along the coastal and some main riverain areas following. The district is generally made up of a series of swamp crossings and gentle slopes. In the Southwest around the areas of Sembehun and Shenge, the soils tend to be sandier in composition and therefore land transportation fairly is difficult.

Transport Facilities in the District

Commercial vehicles and Motor bikes are the means by which people travel from one location to another within the District. However, there are few commercial vehicles and plenty of commercial motorbikes. Within the coastal areas especially Shenge, people use boats to move from one coastal areas/settlement to another. The use of locally built boats for transportation is common within the inland-waters/rivers.


The condition of major roads in the District has deteriorated and suffered from neglect and require extensive reconstruction, rehabilitation, re-gravelling and the restoration of proper drainage. Most of the bridges and culverts on the roads inspected require rehabilitation. The following major roads in Moyamba Township should be given priority for maintenance. Bo/Moyamba main road, Sembehun road, Bauya road, Makeni road, Reservation road, Moyamba old road and Siaka Stevens Street.

The major roads entering or connecting the District Headquarter Chiefdom to other Chiefdoms and Districts are:

  • Makolo/Rotifunk to Moyamba
  • Mokanji/Njagbahun to Moyamba
  • Moyamba Junction to Moyamba
  • Gbangbatoke to Moyamba
  • Shenge to Moyamba
  • Moyamba to Moyamba Junction

However, all of the aforementioned roads and the feeder roads especially those in the interior parts of the District are in deplorable conditions and makes it difficult to link not only with the District headquarter town but also to other parts of the Country.

Transport Problems of the DIstrict

  • During the rainy season, torrential rains lead to soil erosion which destroys roads;
  • Bad roads lead to perpetual breakdown of vehicles, resulting in little vehicular transport along the roads;
  • Inadequate funding for maintenance of roads

Market Facilities

Most of the markets were burnt down during the war. Since the inception of Council in 2004, very few of these facilities have been constructed/reconstructed. The few surviving structures are in bad condition and needs to be rehabilitated and extended. There has also been an emergence of weekly markets in the district locally called “loumas”. These need support in terms of rehabilitation and extension of existing structures. Management of these markets also requires support in terms of training of personnel and management of revenue collected. “Louma” market and other markets have been identified for construction.

Recreational Centres

The need for recreation especially for youths was clearly demonstrated during the needs assessment survey. In the main, besides making available a means where people can come together to interact, the provision of recreational facilities will also make available a means wherein people who have been separated physically or psychologically, will come together and pursue common interests. By this way, reintegration of all will be ensured and peace maintained.

Moreover, there are many institutions within main communities in the district whose numerous functions require an enclosed facility for the purpose of security and also income generation to the chiefdom administrations and local councils. Besides, permanent fences will conserve the environment at all times. This facility will also provide a conducive environment for public meetings and other functions.

The construction of Resource Center in Moyamba Town is already completed with the attainment of the Structure and procurement of Equipment’s like computers and accessories, sewing machines, spraying Carpentry machines to name but a few all geared towards promoting literacy both formal and non-formal type.

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