District Council Set-up

The institutional structures and arrangements for development in the Moyamba District include the Moyamba District Council, its subsidiary institutions, local communities and other independent institutions (such as donors and non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) that play various roles in the development of the district. The Moyamba District Council was established in 2004 by an Act of Parliament to take charge of the overall development of the district. Its composition, size and structure together with its functions are discussed in this section. The various structures that form part of the Moyamba District Council set up are also discussed below.

Size and Structure

The Moyamba District Council (MDC) has a total membership of 24 Ward Councilors and three (03) Paramount Chief Representatives. In line with the Local Government Act 2004, the 24 Councilors are elected directly by universal adult suffrage while the Paramount Chiefs are nominated to represent their interest in the Council. The District Council is the highest Political and Legislative Body of elected representatives of the people.

To facilitate the smooth execution of the functions and decisions of the District Council, and in accordance with the Act, the District Council Chairman heads the Council with a deputy Chairman. The Local Council Chief Administrator (LCCA) and the deputy, head the Administration Wing; and coordinates the day-to-day administration of Council and reports directly to the Chairman.

The Council and Decentralized Departments

The decentralized departments have been integrated into Council’s Organizational structure and their functions devolved to Council. One important attempt at this is the inclusion of heads of the decentralized departments in the Council committee and the sub-committees, and Council staff as ex-officio members. However, these devolved departments still owe allegiance to their mother ministries and departments in Freetown in terms of policy implementation, monitoring and supervision. There is effective coordination and cooperation between the devolved ministries and council.

The Council and Non-decentralized Department/Agencies

The Sierra Leone Police and the Armed Forces are the main non-decentralized government departments identified in the district. They are however said to have some amount of collaboration and linkages with the Council in the development and administration of the district. For instance, on the enforcement of law and order and maintenance of security, the police and the Army services have been working closely with the Council.

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